frequently asked questions

Q: Who are the galaxy girls?
A: We are three women who truly believe a person can seize their destiny through divination. We also believe we can take your next party or event from spectacular to out of this world!

Q: What qualifies you as divination experts?
A: Collectively, we've been reading the signs for over 43 years! We've also individually apprenticed with master astrologer Steven Forrest, the author of SkyMates and astrologer to Sting and Robert Downey Jr. We're each authors, too - having published books and written for major magazines, newspapers and websites. You can find out more about each of us personally by reading our bios at our respective websites:

Q: How much do you charge?
A: It varies. But on average, we charge $100 per hour for each reader with a two- hour minimum.

Q: Can I hire just one Galaxy Girl?
A: Yes – email us and we will match the right galaxy girl to your event.

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